Dhanwantari’s Capsule Cal Rich contains body friendly form of calcium which is derived from Algas Calcareas. It is Marine Algae & it is an organic plant-source of calcium. Before preparing the powder, first the algae is cleaned with Ionised water & is dried in solar heat. Then it goes through lot of tests for detoxification. However, it is never treated chemically. It is 100% natural. Cal Rich is more essential in vegetarian people.

Functions of Bone
  • 1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  • 2. Psoriatic arthritis
  • 3. Autoimmune diseases
  • 4. Septic arthritis etc.

In other words, bones are a key part of the entire metabolic system of the human body. Poor bone health has dramatic consequences on overall health.This is definitely an example of the old phrase – use it or lose it – and explains why fitness is a major determinant of longevity.

Bones Need Raw Materials

Bones require adequate raw materials calcium, protein, hyaluronic acid, vitamin D, vitamin K, Vitamin C, vitaminB12,Folic acid , boron, manganese, zinc, silica etc.Comprehensive high-quality nutrients are the only logical way to properly support bone health.

Pathophysiology of bone disorders

Bones are demineralized because of

  • 1. Poor dietary intake of calcium
  • 2. Less absorption of calcium from intestine
  • 3. More resorption of bones due to metabolic disorders like CRF,Hyperparathyroidismetc
  • 4. Malignant cell infiltration
  • 5. Infections of bones eg.Osteomylitis
  • 6. Bone tumour
How osteoporosis is diagnosed?

The best method to diagnose osteoporosis is a bone mineral density test by Dexa scan bone Desitometer

Benefits of Capsule Cal Rich
  • 1. Improves Bone density
  • 2. Provides Cardio vascular support
  • 3. Improves liver function
  • 4. Antioxidant and detoxification aids
  • 5. Improves digestion *Improves health in skin & nails
  • 6. Contains natural Iodine which is useful in Thyroid Diseases
  • 7. Helps in formation of Red Blood Cells.
Contents of Capsule Cal Rich
  • 1. Marine herbal Calcium.
  • 2. Vitamin D-3
  • 3. Vitamin B-12
  • 4. Vitamin K-27
  • 5. Folic Acid
  • 6. Magnesium
  • 7. Boron
  • 8. Silicon

1 cap 2 times in day with glass of water or milk

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