SwarnaRich Ayurvedic cream is rebirth of Royal Ayurveda. The age-old ayurvedic secret available only for Royal families, is now available for everyone.

In today’s polluted environment, it is a must have cream for everybody.


Swarna Bhasma , Almond oil , Grape seed oil

  • 1. Swarn Bhasma: It is Yogwaahi- effective in multiple manner. It is Rasayan that is Anti-ageing and revitalizing. Ojaskar means improves immunity. Prativish means Anti-toxin and Anti-oxidant. Swastha-urjaskar means it promotes skin health and glow.
  • 2. Almond Oil (Badam Oil): Its contains vital nutrients, omega-3 fatty acid as well as Vitamin E which is good Anti-oxidant and remove Tan from Skin.
  • 3. Grape Seed Oil: It has Anti-oxidants, Great amount of Vitamin E, Flavonoids essential for skin.
How to use SwarnaRich Cream
  • 1. Use once daily
  • 2. First wash your face with Blue Morpho face wash.
  • 3. Apply Swarnarich cream on every part of face, Ear skin and Neck skin
  • 4. Massage gently clockwise and anti-clockwise for a minute
  • 5. Do not apply any other cream for next 30 mins
Effects and uses of SwarnRich Ayurvedic cream
  • 1. It effectively reduces and removes dark spot, dark circles and pimple spots as well.
  • 2. It gives royal glow with baby like softness to skin.
  • 3. Anti-ageing: It effectively reduces age of skin. Makes your skin younger than your age.
  • 4. Rejuvenation and Revitalization of skin
  • 5. It tightens skin by reducing micro-wrinkles
  • 6. It detoxify the skin and improves immunity
  • 7. It gives long lasting fairness with royal glow.Use minimum for 90 days
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