Use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides in our farms…
        Initially chemicals gave us tremendous yields but now the farms are habituate of chemicals all the yields are chemical contaminated hundreds of diseases are arising farms are getting completely non fertile due to continuous use of chemicals farmers have reached to suicidal attempts due to non productivity & dear friends… Britain or no other country accepts any such poisonous vegetables or fruits to import… not even for their pets.
 It’s difficult but not impossible…to change our habits
        Now it has become mandatory for us…. to follow organic farming.all the elements required for healthy growth of any plant, are present in soil itself.rps 76 contains humic acid derived from leonardite. which is a catalyst substance. humic acid is the best proven catalyst for soil. leonardite is the best source for humic.leonardite is mined from the sections approximately 20 feet deep in soil.

Humic Acid Derived From Leonardite
 1. 100% Organic.
 2. Does not contain chemicals or pesticides.
 3. Remarkably increases nutritional values of cultivating soil.
 4. Enhances natural immune system of the plant. Which lessens the use of chemical & pesticides & ultimately help farmer to save money.
 5. Promotes healthy growth in plants.
 6. Gives commercial benefits in both the ways by enhancing production quality & quantity.
 7. Beneficial in all crop varieties e.g. fruits, vegetables, pomegranate, banana, coconut,   sugarcane, jawar, rice , potato, etc.
 8. Useful for Green house crops & household gardening.
 RPS 76 Liquid Dosage
 Seed treatment: 3-5 ml per kg of seed.
 Spraying: 50 ml per 15 liter spray pump.
 Drenching: 1000 ml per acre.
 Drip Irrigation: 250 ml/ 200 liter/ acre
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